make money on youtube

YouTube is the social media giant when it comes to video marketing. Every YouTuber knows the struggle of constantly worrying about whether or not their videos abide the copyright laws. Why worry, you ask? Well, if you don’t know how making money from YouTube works, let’s break it down for you.

A YouTube user creates a video and uploads it and then markets it to get views on it. He/she uploads more and more videos and does the same for each one of them. When they reach 10,000 views as a whole on their channel, they become eligible for monetization through the Google Adsense account. If they apply for it and get approved, YouTube will put ads on their videos. YouTube will then share a certain percentage of the revenue generated via those ads with the video creator. That’s how a YouTuber makes money through Adsense.

The problem with this is that YouTube has the right to shut down a channel if it violates any of the terms and conditions (let’s be real, most of us don’t read them). The most important one of those conditions is the copyright violation. Many new YouTubers think that just putting videos on their channel and getting views is what’s important when in fact, the main key is to put ‘original’ content on their channel. When they fail to do so, YouTube often strikes down their channel and disable the monetization.

If you are frustrated with this scenario and want a more reliable source of income through your YouTube channel, here are a few ways you can manage that without depending on your Google Adsense monetization.

1- Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online anywhere whether it be on a website or a YouTube channel. How it works is that you join an affiliate program from Click Bank or Amazon and then advertise their products in your videos. If you are compelling enough to make your viewer buy the product through the link you provided, you will get a percentage of the product price as commission. You can make this work on YouTube by choosing products that are somehow related to your niche and create an interesting video about the subject related to that video. For example, you are trying to sell a diet program, the best way to go about it is to make a video that describes ways of losing weight and then you can causally mention the product that you want to sell and put the link to buy it in the description box below the video. Then you can market your video across multiple platforms so that it gets lots of views. Your work is done there. Then, you can just hope that your audience buys that product through the link you provided.

2- Reviews:

This is similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you’ll be advertising products. However, you will be advertising products that you have already used and liked. You will be paid to review the product in detail and describing all the aspects and uses of that product. It’s not just related to useable products. You can even be paid to review books and games as well. You can even incorporate affiliate marketing in the reviews as well. For example, instead of just casually mentioning an affiliate product, you can do a detailed review about that product and encourage people to buy it through the link you provided in the description box.

3- Selling Your Own Products:

This is one of the most reliable ways of earning money with the help of YouTube. You can review your own products and advertise them in your videos plain and simple or you can be creative about it. The best way to go about it is to make videos related to your niche and then gather an audience that is passionate about it. It will take time to form a community but once you get there, you can encourage your audience to buy your product. This may seem like a really long approach but it’s a lot easier to get loyal audience to buy your products than it is to encourage complete newbies who don’t care about your brand.

With all of these methods, you can use your Adsense account to earn that extra money from YouTube. After all, it doesn’t hurt to use all the opportunities available to make your professional career as lucrative as possible.

Published on: 10/23/18, 4:40 AM