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It’s no secret that people respond to visual content more than they do to text posts and articles. And that is especially true in social media marketing. There are countless articles all over internet that keep telling marketers to use visual content in their social media strategies and they are absolutely right. No doubt about it.

But where marketers tend to get worried or stressed out is that they don’t know what type of visual content they should post and what it should look like.

So, to ease their burden a bit, here are some of the best visual content ideas and tips and tricks to using them in social media marketing:

1- Eye-Catching Photos:

According to a survey, 93% people admit that photos are a big part of their decision when they are thinking of buying something. So, using eye catching and high quality photos and images in your social media marketing is really a no brainer.

What stresses brands out the most is coming up with ideas for these images and photos. But really, there is no reason to worry! You can post candid photos of your team working, behind the scenes of your brand or even some parts of your workday. People want that kind of thing because it puts a face to your brand and that personal connection is very important in social media marketing.

You can even use these images to post strong call to action to increase sales. Use bold colors and graphics to catch their attention and give a good call to action. This is a great tactic to promote sales, events, offers, promotions, product launches, services or any other exclusive content.

2- Quotes:

Quotes are something that any brand can utilize if they have no fresh content ideas because they are very quick and easy to create. Post awe inspiring quotes surrounding the niche of your brand which make people think. Post quotes that are creative and have a positive impact on your audiences. You can create a balance by adding in some quotes full of humor and some thought provoking to mix things up a bit.

As far as design of these quote images goes, the background patterns or colors should be according to your brand’s palette and the font should reflect your brand’s typography as well.

3- Videos:

Video marketing has been constantly on the rise for the past few years. So much so that it is probably the most effective for increasing brand awareness and promoting leads and sales. But creating videos that are of high quality takes some serious time and effort which can be difficult to manage.

These videos can be short or long depending on the type of content you want to cover. You can post tutorials, tips and tricks in your niche, hacks, interesting ways of using your products, product demonstration or anything that you think your audiences will find interesting.

Although you can post long as well as short videos, shorter videos tend to do much better because people don’t have a long attention span now. They want to move on to the next best thing. So, keep it short and pretty without adding filler content and you will see better results.

4- Stories:

facebook stories

Aside from Twitter, all the major social media platforms have some version of Stories that expire after 24 hours. These Stories were first introduced by Snapchat and became really popular which got noticed by Facebook. Facebook, then, added similar Stories feature to Instagram, soon followed by Messenger and WhatsApp. So, yes, Stories are everywhere and they are extremely popular, especially Instagram Stories.

So, utilize this feature as much as you can. Show behind the scenes; promote time sensitive offers and discounts; create hype for some upcoming product launch. More and more brands are using Stories to promote their brands. If you are not part of that group, it’s high time you get to it.

5- Live Streams:

Just like Stories, live streams have been on the rise over past couple of years as well. They give people a glimpse into the unedited, real and authentic you which people want to see. Live streams can also be used to broadcast some live event that your brand is hosting. You can host webinars, Q & A sessions, customer support and other content like that.

Live streams can be pretty daunting at first, because what if you mess up? What if you make a mistake? But it gets easier as you get used to talk to live audience. Because if you overcome this fear, live streams can prove to be very valuable for your brand.

Published on: 10/13/18, 9:09 PM