How to Earn Money by URL Shortening

Usually I write for bloggers but today I’m writing this piece for all those who are looking for simple ways to earn money online. Not everyone can be a blogger, SEO or a marketer, many of you are just random guys who spend their fun time browsing the internet.

Wait a sec !!! Don’t worry if you are a blogger  this post is for all, and being a blogger will be an advantage for you. Thumbs up !!

So many of you guys might be spending hours daily on the internet doing absolutely nothing. You might be scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed for hours or maybe you are very much into watching youtube videos or maybe just chatting !! No matter what you do, everyone must agree to the fact that, we all spend atleast an hour online doing nothing.

Now what if I say that you can earn money during that time. I’m not asking you to write articles or fill survey or click on ads or any such stuff. Rather I will be sharing something that you will enjoy doing and once the money starts rolling in, you will never look behind.

Being a blogger I didn’t try this for long, but still managed to earn around 25-30$ by doing nothing but a small setup which took me 6 minutes at max.

Enough of Intro !! By now I might have captured your attention!! Didn’t I ? 

Reffsite – Earn Money by Shortening URL

Shortening links and making money has always been a method to earn online, many guys just follow this and earn upto 100$ a day. Quite impressive !!

You can do the same if you follow this guide.

Reffsite is a American based link shortening tool that allows us to shorten any link and then pays us for each visit that we get on our shortened link.  Well for me its by far the Best URL shortener. Here are few reasons:

Payout rates per 1000 views


How to Make Money using Reffsite ?

Use the best URL shortener & make money by shortening links. Here’s the Complete guide to make money by url shortening using reffsite best link shortening site.

Well the big question is how to start making money by using this simple online tool. So !! Firstly all you need to do is signup at Reffsite. Once you get your account created, you can start shortening links.

Once logged in, this is how your dashboard will look like.

Now its all yours, copy and paste any link that you want to share with your friends or bloggers. Click on shorten link button. Once you do so, you will be getting a shortened URL of your link.

Use the shortened link and share it with friends, you will get paid for each visit.

Simple right ?? Want some more tips ?? Okay fine !!! 

Smart Tips to Make 10$ a day by shortening URLs

Now to make it sound simple let me divide this part into 2 categories, one for bloggers/marketers and other for non-bloggers. Here are some smart tips to earn money by shortening URL 

For Bloggers & Marketers 

Well if you are a blogger or an affiliate/internet marketer you must be very well aware of how this system works and how to maximize revenue from it. Let me add some more cool tips 


For Non-Bloggers / Part-timers 

Well this post is for you guys only and believe me, if you take this seriously you can make a hell lot of money. Though it can take some time for you to get the best ways working. Here are some tips !!


So, these are some tips for non-bloggers. You have the platform and system ready. All you have to do is, just use your brain in a smart way.  Umm, no need to make this article cross more words, see you in comments !! 


by: Widchy9



Published on: 9/9/18, 6:47 PM