The World Wide Web is a great place for a radio station – the reach is global and the costs are less. Given below are some tips to help you start online radio broadcasting:

Tip #1

Create a plan. Figure out what you need. Do you want to broadcast one station or multiple stations? Do you need a storage space of 25MB or 2GB? Do you want to stream a playlist? What type of customization options would you like to have?

Calculate the monetary costs of achieving your target. The cost of internet radio will include the price of the service plan you choose to use and equipment costs.

The equipment required includes: microphones; CD player; mixer; encoder; mixer, assorted recorder/editor; audio card; outboard audio equipment. You may already have some of this equipment, and depending on your broadcasting needs and equipment, you may not need to upgrade.

Tip #2

Find a good audio streaming platform. You know what you need and now you can find a service that fulfills your needs. Don’t settle for a service that is cheap but has a bad reputation. Find a service that offers quality at affordable prices. Depending on your needs, you may find a free of cost plan to start online radio broadcasting.

Here are some of the things you should look for when searching for a good service:

Storage Space – as a broadcaster, you should have sufficient storage space for your audio content. Don’t select a plan that is cheap but makes you compromise on storage space, because if your content is accessed extremely often, it is possible that you run out of storage space.

Customization Options – the amount of control you have over your station is also something to consider, even if you are just looking to start a small station to share some of home-made audio content. Customization options enable you to create your own identity and profit from your station. These options include station customization and audio player customization. See if the service allows you to profit from your station through advertising. Check for iOS and Android support; the station distribution option and customer support.

Tip #3

Select the most suitable service. During your search, you may find service plans that aren’t according to your needs, but look attractive enough to try. Think of your ultimate goal and select a plan that’s a best fit for that goal.

Source by Salman J


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