Warcraft 3 is a wonderful game that has a reputation of being stable, however, it is reported by its players that Warcraft 3 crashes on their computer sometimes. Before trying to fix this problem, it is important to know whether problem is because of game or there is some problem with computer.

Below is given a complete tutorial on how you can fix the problem when Warcraft 3 crashes on your system.

– First thing to do is to check system’s internal errors such as registry errors. As we know games require lots of space in computer and it creates so many keys in the registry area of the operating system. Gaming experts recommend cleaning and repairing Windows registry through reliable registry cleaner.

What happens is that games create entries in the registry part and sometimes corrupted registry entries are overlapped with valid ones which causes game crashes similar to Warcraft 3 crashes.

– In some cases games take longer than normal and we cannot play properly. And some blue screen may also appear. If this is the situation then certainly you need to give your system a pause and then turn ON again.

Overheating also affects the performance of PC when playing games. So, you have to cool down your system.

– Low RAM (Random Access Memory) may be the cause of Warcraft 3 crash. If this is the case then Add more RAM on your PC that would boost gaming.

– Remove browser junk using PC optimizer software.

– Also clean disks through disk cleanup utility, here is how you can do that.

1. Click on the Start menu.

2. In the menu select Program Files.

3. Next select Accessories.

4. Click on System Tools || Disk cleanup.

5. Select the disk and follow the instructions.

6. You are done.

7. Apply step 5 for all more partitions on your system.

Source by A. Michelle


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