JavaScript is a “scripting program,” which allows people to make scripts of how their website is going to work. When JavaScript errors happen, it can throw off everything. Understanding how computers work can be a tricky business with all of the computer lingo and whatnot. When people construct their own websites, they use JavaScript to help them do it. JavaScript enables certain website functions such as drop-down menus and the like. JavaScript errors can be caused by little things such as corrupt or broken files. If your registry isn’t working correctly, it can cause a series of problems for you and your computer.

How to Stop Alert Messages

A JavaScript error is the most common error on the internet because JavaScript is used by millions of people. But these errors can become troublesome, overwhelming, and annoying when they keep alerting you about the same thing. One way that you can stop these alerts from popping up all over the place is to simply turn off the alerts.

For Internet Explorer users follow these steps:

1. Select the “Tools” tab at the top of the browser

2. Click “Internet Options” at the end of the list

3. Select the “Advanced” tab

4. Check the box to “Disable Script Bugging”

This will end the messages but remember, it won’t end the error. You must take certain steps to find out the cause and to find a solution.

Clean Up Your PC by Cleaning Up Your Drive

Everywhere you go on the internet is saved in temporary files that your web browser stores. If these files are not cleared out, they can buildup and become corrupt or broken.

To remove these files complete the following:

1. Click “Start”

2. Open “My Computer”

3. Right click on the C: or D: drive

4. Select “Properties”

5. Select “General”

6. And Click “Disk Cleanup”

This will generate a list of files that can be discarded to prevent them from becoming corrupt or broken.

A Clean Registry is Key to a Healthy PC

Your computer’s registry is what keeps your computer going. It is the brain of your computer. When there is something off in the brain, the outcome is negative. By making sure your registry is up and running, your PC will last a long time. A registry cleaner is the best solution to fixing errors.

JavaScript errors can slow down your PC, cause unwanted and unexpected freeze ups, system crashes, and serious damage to your drive. By making sure that your registry is running fully and is fully functional, you can optimize your PC and keep JavaScript Errors form popping up.

Source by John E. Blake


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