A social life without Facebook is like toast without jelly: dry, boring, and hard to wake up to in the morning. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your social life, here are three ways Facebook can help you become a better friend, rekindle old friendships, and expand your social circle.

You will always remember your friends’ birthdays

There’s nothing worse than sending a belated birthday card, but Facebook can help. On their special day, you will see your friends’ birthdays show up in the sidebar next to the newsfeed. This is a good reminder to either post a friendly message on their wall, email them to say you’re thinking of them or call them to wish them well (depending on your relationship). If you’re particularly forgetful, you can even adjust your settings so that your friends’ birthdays show up in your newsfeed. For those with the worst track records, you can even get birthday reminders sent to your email. With Facebook, you will never have to apologize for forgetting someone’s birthday again.

Connect with old friends

Some people may want to forget their past, but if you have a Facebook account, you do not have to burn bridges if you do not want to. Facebook can help you reconnect with your graduating high school class, old work buddies, and childhood friends from the neighborhood. Most people restrict their privacy settings to people within their network. By joining different networks, you can find other restricted people and expand your social circle with the click of a button. For a work network, you’ll need a work-specific email address like “@ microsoft.com,” and for a college network, you’ll need an email address that ends in “edu.” Others, such as high school or location networks, do not require special email addresses.

Never lose a phone number again

Whether you’ve been known to drop your cell phone in the toilet or if you just tend to lose it on occasion, you no longer have to waste hours of your time bugging your friends for their numbers. The Facebook application within smart phones such as the Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry gives you a full contact list at your fingertips. When you sign into Facebook on your smart phone, it connects to the Facebook server, and allows you to get your friends’ phone numbers, photos, and contact information synced right to your contact list.

Even if you are not the life of the party, Facebook can enhance your social life by giving you instant access to the people in your life. If you feel like you are hiding in a cocoon, try these three Facebook tricks to turn yourself into a social butterfly.

Source by Philip Mancini


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